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Dave Pooch
Food and Agro Processing Specialist

Dave Pooch is a senior food technologist with lots of international experience. Having started up a successful processing company he brings an entrepreneurial approach that sits well with owners of small businesses. He also undertakes voluntary work.

Services offered

International Agro Processing Development Assistance

Dave specializes in working in developing counties. He has a very wide experience having worked in 23 countries during his career; Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, China, Cook Islands, Eritrea, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nigeria, Indonesia, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Thailand, Tonga, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.

He has worked on projects for many international agencies including UNIDO, NZAid, Danida, World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

His experience in tropical, arid and developing economies is unusual in New Zealand.

Small Business Skills

Dave successfully started up then later sold off his own food processing company, which specialised in baked and frozen foods. Accordingly he brings a strong entrepreneurial and small-business approach to his work. Dave will also act as a mentor to small scale food processing businesses.

Writing & Speaking

Dave is Director and writer for Peppermint Press, the company that publishes the NZ Institute of Food Science and Technology journal Food New Zealand. Dave writes in clear English and this is specially appreciated in countries where English is a second language.

Dave is a very competent public speaker and has spoken on indigenous food research, food innovation, authenticity and development assistance at food conferences in New Zealand, Thailand and Malaysia

Dave is a current member and past president of Northrise Toastmasters Club in Auckland.


Dave has written training manuals, conducted training of trainers (TOT) sessions and conducted training sessions in a number of countries

He also designs and organises specialised training courses in New Zealand for people coming under NZAid funded programmes.

Qualifications & Experience

· Bachelor of Technology (Food Technology) Massey University

Experience: Dave specializes in working in developing counties. He has a very wide experience having worked in 23 countries during his career.

Skills include project identification, project reports, needs and training needs assessment, project implementation, project review and monitoring/evaluation in the fruit and vegetable, food and agro processing industries. Dave usually works in SME and micro scale businesses on projects that are pro-poor, favour the disadvantaged and involve fruit and vegetable processing.

Voluntary work; in special cases Dave will do international work on a voluntary or semi voluntary basis.

>> For a full CV click here (.pdf)

New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology

Dave is a Fellow and immediate past president of the Institute. He has assisted in organizing conferences and branch activities for many years.

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Dave Pooch

Dave Pooch, FNZIFST
Food & Agro Processing Consultant

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

5A Peter Terrace Castor Bay
Auckland 0620 New Zealand

Telephone: +64 9 410 8357
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Mobile: 021 23 56789

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