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Our Commitment to our Clients

For any project we undertake, a prime objective is that the benefits to the client will outweigh the cost involved
We have open and honest communication amongst ourselves and with our clients
We will avoid representing conflicting interests, and will disclose to clients any such potential situation
We aim at all times to give the best possible service to our clients
We will only take on projects for which we are technically competent
We keep all client information confidential

foodinc is a group of independent food technology consultants, each a senior, highly respected expert in his or her own right. All consultants have many years of food industry experience, in a variety of positions and industry sectors.

foodinc started in 1998.

foodinc's experts can assist you with all your food industry projects. Our skills and experience can help you in many areas of food product development, quality systems management, production, packaging and marketing.

foodinc's members at times work together on projects and we may share resources.

We sub-contract to each other if another member has specialised skills or tools that are needed on a project.

This will always be in consultation with our clients.

We refer work to each other where we think another member is better suited to a particular project or client, if we are too busy to service the contract ourselves, or run into a conflict of interest.

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