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Business Development & Management

· Experienced consultants
· Wide industry knowledge
· Professional service

Our experienced consultants have a wide variety of expertise and professional skills, gained from working in different food companies and industry sectors over many years. All consultants operate to a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

· All food industry sectors   We offer help with all types of food:
fish & seafood, meat, meals and salads, high and low acid foods, sauces, toppings, fruit & vegetables, juices & drinks, water and other beverages, confectionery, bakery, sports foods, functional foods, supplemented foods and dietary supplements, dairy/milk products, UHT, canning, chilled, frozen, shelf stable.
· Customised services
· Long term or short term
· Competitive rates
  foodinc consultants tailor their services to your needs. You use their expertise only for as long as you require. Competitive rates give you value for your investment.

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Business Development

Business Development  

At top management level we can help you to find the policies and strategies that will develop and grow your business.

· Strategic planning
· Market Development
· Operations Management
· Quality Management
· Management of Research & Development
· Management of New Product Development processes
· Management of New Technology Transfer.

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Marketing   Understanding your market is prerequisite for a successful business. We can assist in finding the information you need. Reporting, analysis, interpretation and implementation can all be part of the package. As well as advice on the Food Act, Fair Trading Act and Advertising Code.

· Research of market sectors and categories
· Analysis and interpretation of data
· Organisation of focus groups and sensory evaluation panels
· Assistance with market campaigns
· Advice on relevant legislation

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Mentoring   For any team you need assurance that everybody sings form the same song sheet. Ongoing guidance for your project can be provided by the foodinc consultants. Mentoring will tell you the progress of a project. It will also tell you when it is time to change course.

· Development of a mentoring programme
· Team development
· Ongoing guidance to ensure effective teamwork
· Evaluation of project progress

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Project Management

Project Management   Projects of any kind need a structured approach. We offer help with choosing the project type that suits your needs. Management and facilitation of international and New Zealand projects, detailed preparation, implementation and evaluation.

· Compare and choose project type
· Prepare detailed stages
· Identify critical steps
· Design the project calendar
· Implement the project stages
· Monitor progress
· Evaluate effectiveness of the entire project

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning   Looking into a business from the outside, with a pair of fresh eyes, often helps to bring the key elements into sharper focus. The foodinc consultants have the industry knowledge and experience to do just that for your food based operation.

· Analysis of business policies
· Research and analysis of market data
· Advice on industry trends and developments
· Advice on latest technologies
· Assistance with Future Planning

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Training   To keep you and your staff up to date with the latest developments in all aspects of food business, call on our consultants to provide you with tailor made training sessions.

· Professional development
· Food safety
· Food microbiology
· Personal and plant hygiene
· Quality Assurance
· New Product Development

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Technical Writing Services

Technical Writing Services   Editing technical reports
In-house magazines/publications (write, edit, manage production)
e-newsletters: Writing and publication/distribution on Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor
Maintaining online marketing tools, eg Fb, blogs

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