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Food Quality, Safety and Compliance

· Experienced consultants
· Wide industry knowledge
· Professional service

Our experienced consultants have a wide variety of expertise and professional skills, gained from working in different food companies and industry sectors over many years. All consultants operate to a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

· All food industry sectors   We offer help with all types of food:
fish & seafood, meat, meals and salads, high and low acid foods, sauces, toppings, fruit & vegetables, juices & drinks, water and other beverages, confectionery, bakery, sports foods, functional foods, supplemented foods and dietary supplements, dairy/milk products, UHT, canning, chilled, frozen, shelf stable.
· Customised services
· Long term or short term
· Competitive rates
  foodinc consultants tailor their services to your needs. You use their expertise only for as long as you require. Competitive rates give you value for your investment.

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Allergen Management

Allergen Management  

The food industry must respond to the growing public concern about food allergens. Understanding allergens can also avoid costly product recalls. Our consultants help you to identify and manage allergen risks in all parts of your business, from supply chain to finished product labeling.

· Identify allergens in ingredients
· Identify allergens in products
· Design formulations to reduce allergens
· Reduce contamination risks in process areas
· Reduce contamination in storage areas
· Choose appropriate cleaning materials and procedures
· Declare allergens correctly on your finished product label
· Use the latest VITAL procedures (Allergen Bureau)

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Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology   Microbiology is the key to making products that do not pose a public health risk, and that do not spoil. The foodinc consultants will help you to identify which organisms are of concern in your products, and how to control them.

· Identify potential microbiological issues
· Design formulations, processes and equipment to control risks
· Choose appropriate cleaning materials and procedures
· Troubleshoot microbiological problems
· Set up sampling and testing programmes, assist with challenge testing
· Interpretation of test results

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Food Safety Programmes

Food Safety Programmes   Whether you need a Food Control Plan (FCP), Food Safety Programme (FSP), or a Risk Management Plan (RMP), the foodinc consultants can help you. With development as well as with ongoing maintenance, to keep the programme up to date. We also provide food safety training sessions for your staff.

· Development & Maintenance of HACCP based food safety systems
· Food Control Plans, Food Safety Programmes, Risk Management Plans
· Internal audits; Supplier audits
· Integration of food safety, environmental and quality systems
· Food Safety Training
· NZFSA approved auditors

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Food Standards Compliance

Food Standards Compliance   Food products offered for sale in New Zealand must comply with the Code from Food Standards Australia New Zealand. This applies to products made in New Zealand, as well as to imported products. There are also some Standards that only apply in New Zealand. The foodinc consultants can advise you on all these standards, as well as on overseas food legislation for export products.

· Advice on and interpretation of the FSANZ Code
· Assistance with submissions to amend the Code
· Advice on New Zealand Food Standards
· Assistance with Hygiene Standards
· Assistance with environmental requirements
· Interpretation of the Fair Trading Act
· Advice on the Animal Products Act

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Quality Systems Documentation

Quality Systems Documentation   Your customers, whether they are a food manufacturer, a food service business, a supermarket or a consumer, demand constant quality. The way to achieve this is with a robust Quality System, with accurate and reliable documentation and reporting. foodinc can help:

· Design of a Quality System that fits your operation
· Custom design, ISO 9001, ISO14001
· Assistance with WQA (Woolworth Quality Assurance), BRC (British Retail Consortium Standards)
· Complaints investigation and response
· Recall procedures: design, test, implement

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Shelf Life Extension

Shelf Life Extension   It is often an advantage to have a product with a 'best before' or 'use by' date that is further away in the future. Provided that the quality of the product is not compromised! Our consultants can help you to investigate the extension of the shelf life of your product.

· Investigate alternative ingredients
· Investigate alternative processing
· Investigate alternative packaging
· Investigate packing conditions, including Modified Atmosphere
· Set up shelf life test protocols
· Advise on sensory taste panels and evaluation

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