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Product Development, Labelling, Packaging

· Experienced consultants
· Wide industry knowledge
· Professional service

Our experienced consultants have a wide variety of expertise and professional skills, gained from working in different food companies and industry sectors over many years. All consultants operate to a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

· All food industry sectors   We offer help with all types of food:
fish & seafood, meat, meals and salads, high and low acid foods, sauces, toppings, fruit & vegetables, juices & drinks, water and other beverages, confectionery, bakery, sports foods, functional foods, supplemented foods and dietary supplements, dairy/milk products, UHT, canning, chilled, frozen, shelf stable.
· Customised services
· Long term or short term
· Competitive rates
  foodinc consultants tailor their services to your needs. You use their expertise only for as long as you require. Competitive rates give you value for your investment.

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Food Technology Software

Food Technology Software  

Specialised information technology is available, and the foodinc consultants can advise you what suits your requirements. There are packages for formulation management, nutrition calculation, and data analysis. Experimental Design software can be used to optimise processes and products.

· Choosing software to manage your formulations
· Advise on food composition databases
· Assistance with nutrition calculation software
· Use Experimental Design to improve product quality
· Use Experimental Design to reduce cost and increase yield

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Ingredient Labelling

Ingredient Labelling   Declaration of ingredients holds no secrets for foodinc consultants. We keep up to date with the latest legal requirements. For products made in New Zealand, imported into New Zealand, or products from New Zealand exported to other jurisdictions.

· Declaration of ingredients and sub-ingredients
· Declaration of characterizing ingredients
· Allergen declarations
· Nutrition content and health claims
· Compliance with FSANZ
· Compliance with the New Zealand Supplemented Food Standard
· Advice on ingredient declaration for export products

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New Product Development

New Product Development   To make your new product idea a great success, let us help you. We can assist with the entire process from concept to commercialisation, or with part of it. The foodinc consultants can give independent advice on ingredient suppliers, equipment, and contract manufacturers.

· Develop product concepts
· Design formulations to specific conditions
· Make contact with ingredient and packaging suppliers
· Advise on production processes and process equipment
· Organise production trials
· Determine shelf life
· Assist with product launches

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Nutrition Information Panel - NIP

Nutrition Information Panel - NIP   The Food Standards Australia New Zealand prescribe in detail how nutrition information should appear on food product labels. Many products now also show front-of-pack thumbnail nutrition values, as recommended by the Australian Food and Grocery Council. We can construct compliant nutrition declarations for you, using ingredient data, food composition databases, and nutrition software.

· Construct Nutrition Information Panels
· Calculate % Daily Intake values
· Calculate % Recommended Dietary Intake values
· Provide comparison to Nutrition Reference Values
· Advise on Thumbnail nutrition declaration

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Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions   Packaging plays a important part how your product is protected on its way from the producer to the consumer. In terms of shelf life, and damage prevention during handling, transport and storage. Not to mention the power of presentation and display when it comes to selling your product.

· The right packaging for your product
· Comparison of packaging materials
· Advise on impact of packaging on shelf life
· Advise on Modified Atmosphere Packaging
· Advise on legality of artwork details

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Supplemented Foods

Supplemented Foods   The New Zealand Supplemented Foods Standard regulates food type dietary supplements. The foodinc consultants will help you with all aspects of this latest New Zealand Standard.

· Composition of Supplemented Foods
· Fortification limits of vitamins and minerals
· Label Declarations
· Nutrition content and health claims

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