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The FOODBOWL is an open access facility operated by NZ Food Innovation Auckland, part of the NZ Food Innovation Network; a national network of science and technology resources created to support the growth of Food & Beverage businesses, by providing both facilities and expertise. The FOODBOWL was designed as a facility where companies can produce commercial runs of new products for trial marketing and hence capitalise on both domestic and export opportunities.

's consultants are Food Innovation Network independent food consultants to the Foodbowl and the other Food Innovation Network facilities throughout New Zealand
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) All you need to know about food labelling and composition regulations in New Zealand and Australia. The complete Food Standards Code is available on-line. Keeps you abreast of proposed changes to the Food Standards Code
Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Comprehensive information including standards, specifications and guidelines for various food manufacturing sectors in New Zealand including organic foods, the Domestic Food Review documents or the science-technology section for microbial pathogen datasheets and risk profiles for micro-organisms and toxic substances
New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST) Foodinc consultants are proud to be members of NZIFST. The site has information on membership, careers, position statements, conferences and events, food safety, jobs in the industry, and lots more. Source of Prof Dick Earle's book "Unit Operations in Food Processing" - a very useful resource
Allergen Bureau The Allergen Bureau organisation provides useful information on allergens and has good links to other relevant resources. Provides useful tools for allergen management in industry and consistency in labelling. Guidelines in FIGMAL 2021 update for the new PEAL (Plain English Allergen Labelling) legal changes.
Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) Useful resource: Allergen Management Resources: Summary of Guidance Documents.
New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (FGC) New Zealand food industry procedures for product recalls and withdrawals.
Callaghan Innovation Check here for R & D funding options.
New Zealand Food Technology News News feed and some of the articles from the New Zealand Food Technology News magazine for the NZ food industry.
PACKedge Ltd Offer a wide range of packaging development technical expertise and advice.
Totally wrapt Packaging technologist for packaging advice, eco-friendly material selection, process improvements and more.
John Barker Law Strategic legal and policy advice for the food and beverage sector.
Kathy Loyd Agri-Food regulatory expertise for international market access.
Kate Slinn Consultancy on Dairy Export.
Bioequitas For advice on Dietary Supplements & Natural Health Products.
Philippa-Jane Porter Marketing & Strategy Consultant to the health, wellness and nutrition sector. Contact

International This free site maintains a larger food database than the USDA, includes information on fast foods and food additives, and provides some useful tools for analysing your diet.
US Food & Drug Administration (US FDA) All aspects of the FDA's activities in food and nutrition. Looking for facts on food borne pathogens and natural toxins · Site for the Bad Bug Book and the Bacteriological Analytical Manual
European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) EHEDG enables safe food production by providing guidance as an authority on hygienic engineering and design.
Food Info Net An international collection of food information. is an initiative of Wageningen University, The Netherlands, info in several languages
US National Honey Board Food Science and Technology of honey. Covers composition, physical properties, microbiology, and applications of honey
Wheat Foods Council A library of information about wheat foods and a very useful "Resources" tab.
US Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Wide range of food science and technology and allergens information published by the USA-based Institute of Food Technologists.
UK Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) UK based good resource especially the Hot Topics information on issues such as trans-fatty acids, salt, dietary fibre.
USDA Food and Nutrition Information Centre New Food Data Central now includes the last SR28 database with the composition information of 6000 food products and provides complete nutritional tables including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. Also "USDA Table of Nutrient Retention Factors" on nutrient losses due to cooking, frying, baking including how much alcohol is removed on "flaming" (still 75% retained) and cooking (40% left after 15 minutes to 5% left after 2.5hr cooking).
The Olive Oil Source "The most comprehensive source for olive oil information and products". Includes newsletter, supplies, presses, books, nutrition and recipes. Californian based.
Cyber Lipid Check "Sites directly involved in fats and lipids" for an excellent set of lipid links.
Food Navigator Resource on ingredients, food additives and nutrition.
Food Ingredients First Resource on ingredients, also has some ingredient overview articles from the World of Food Ingredients magazine.
Bioequitas (Samantha Gray) Expertise in Dietary Supplements and natural health products for NZ and export markets.
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