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Food Manufacturing & Production

· Experienced consultants
· Wide industry knowledge
· Professional service

Our experienced consultants have a wide variety of expertise and professional skills, gained from working in different food companies and industry sectors over many years. All consultants operate to a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

· All food industry sectors   We offer help with all types of food:
fish & seafood, meat, meals and salads, high and low acid foods, sauces, toppings, fruit & vegetables, juices & drinks, water and other beverages, confectionery, bakery, sports foods, functional foods, supplemented foods and dietary supplements, dairy/milk products, UHT, canning, chilled, frozen, shelf stable.
· Customised services
· Long term or short term
· Competitive rates
  foodinc consultants tailor their services to your needs. You use their expertise only for as long as you require. Competitive rates give you value for your investment.

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Food Imports & Exports

Food Imports & Exports  

A foodinc consultant can help you with the sometimes complicated procedures and documentation that are required for importing or exporting foods. From knowledge about permitted foods and additives, to assistance with Customs declarations.

· Assistance with import documentation
· Assistance with export documentation
· Advice on permitted food composition
· Advice on permitted additives
· Label compliance with many jurisdictions

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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing   The foodinc consultants can assist with decisions on buying new equipment, on modifying your current plant, on implementation of process changes. We can advise how these decisions may impact on food quality, safety and productivity.

· Advise on food manufacturing equipment
· Advise on plant modification
· Assess safety of new processes and products
· Assess quality of new processes and products
· Comparison of alternative process options
· Analyse productivity and yield

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Process Improvement

Process Improvement   If you want to investigate potential changes to your production processes, a foodinc consultant can help. Improvements may mean better efficiencies, higher yield and less waste, an improvement in product quality, and a reduction in cost.

· Increase production efficiency
· Decrease losses and waste
· Improve process reliability and consistency
· Improve product quality
· Analyse data with specialist software
· Advise on Experimental Design software
· Identify cost savings

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Troubleshooting   If you have a problem and don't quite know where to look for an answer, look no further. Years of experience in the pool of foodinc consultants are a great resource for problem solving for many food technology issues.

· Structured approach to identify problems
· Identification of root causes
· Advice with custom solutions
· Solutions for microbiological contamination issues
· Adjustments to processes and procedures
· Review and ongoing monitoring

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