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A. Wilhelm Zabern

Wilhelm has a special focus on assisting meat processing companies in creating innovative meat products to provide their customers with the optimal food experience by using the whole carcase (nose to tail) and include recipe formulation which follow market trends, including plant based options.

Wilhelm is a fully qualified Master of Meats (Fleishermeister) working with meats since 1979. A career built on the experience of his family with four-generations involved in the Austrian meat processing industry. One family company is still operating and is Austria's largest frankfurter producer supplying Aldi/Hofer in Austria.

He moved early 1989 with family to NZ and started a meat/deli processing operation in Albany (Auckland) and in 1995 started to offer consulting and contract services.

His consulting company ZAMATI TECHNOLOGY offers expertise and know-how in the areas of

  • Meat Specialities / Deli Meats / Artisan Charcuterie / Fermentation of Salamis / Bresaola style meats
  • Sous Vide Cooking: over 25 years - Experience - started mid-90 - supplying AirNZ Catering. SVC offers many advantages and benefits e.g. Consistency - Convenience - Great Flavour - Cost Management - Waste Management
  • Meat Hydrolysation - Hydrolysed Collagen - Hydrolysed Organ Meats - University of Auckland (UoA) concluded a successful clinical trial in 2022 that proved the benefits of the increased protein availability in hydrolysed meat protein for sarcopenia (muscle loss on ageing). UoA - Dr. Braakhuis & Dr. Miles - IDDSI.

Zamati's service includes the development of recipes which offer:

  • "Clean Label" or reduced E-number requirements. (e.g., No added sodium nitrite/nitrate, sodium polyphosphate, monosodium glutamate)
  • Reduced sodium, sugar, and fat formulations.
  • No or less Allergies.
  • Product consistency - juiciness - tenderness, texture, and bite.
  • Using meats from - Beef - Lamb/Mutton - Venison - Pork - Poultry
  • Experience in PD of plant-based recipes.

Further services include:

  • R & D including NPD.
  • Optimising production flows
  • Improving product yields
  • Trouble shooting

Current and past clients include:

Qualifications - Austrian Fleischermeister (Master of Meats) & Meat Technologist. Diploma of Business Management.

DOMESTIC: NZ Deli, Perfect Meat Solutions, Wilson Hellaby, Asado Foods Food Solutions, Tegel Foods, Santa Rosa Chicken, Swiss Deli, Greenmount Foods, Shelly Beach Organics, Alliance Meats (Te Mana), Canter Valley, Silver Fern Farms, Source & Supply, Waratah Farms, Leonards Smallgood

OVERSEAS: Various clients in Austria, Germany, UAE, Venky's Food India, Singapore.


DOMESTIC: Gold Medals at: Outstanding Food Producer Awards, NZ Sausage Competition - Including Supreme Award 2022. Finalist at NZ Food Awards.

INTERNATIONAL: IFFA-Austria 2021- 9 Gold & 3 Silver Medals.

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A. Wilhelm Zabern

A. Wilhelm Zabern
Creative Director Zamati Technology Ltd.

29 Papango Street, Stonefields, Auckland, 1072,NZ
Direct: +6421 929244, Skype: Zabernossy

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